Hens Night Ideas – Party Planning

Planning a hens night party is a fun and mandatory girls night out for the bride to be. It’s great for the girls to get together for a night of entertainment dedicated to pampering the bride, but it wouldn’t be a real hens night without also embarrassing the bride.. just a little bit!

Here’s a few hens night ideas to help you get the ball rolling..

Get hens night ideas from the bride to be

For hens night ideas you may need to do a little investigating of your bride to be.. be subtle and drop hints about what you consider to be the ultimate hens night out.. and use her feedback to plan her party.

If you have been assigned Maid of Honour, then the unspoken law is that the planning of the hens night and all hens night ideas are ideally your responsibility!

Not everyone wants to be entertained by strippers and half naked men, there are so many hens night ideas out there.. from traditional pampering to weekends away to wild boozy bar crawls. In the end, it’s all about organising a night of laughter, crazy memories and for the special girl to have a ball.

Get themed

A themed party is a great way to celebrate a hens night. An oldie but a goodie, themed parties really get each guest involved and excited preparing their outfit for the big night out. A few hens night ideas for a tame themed party are come as your favourite super hero or hippy theme.

For a classy hens night theme you could consider a cocktail party, where all the girls wear their best dress and sip on champagne cocktails, maybe hire a barman to make them for you.

For a raunchier hens night party a great hens night idea is a burlesque theme, the girls dress in corsets and sexy lingerie, incorporated with leg garters, drink garters, hair veils and many more hens night accessories that can be found in our hens night party pack.. the ultimate party in a box!

Get naughty

Or if your bride to be wants to really sex the night up, this hens night idea is sure to suit her.. a kinky sex toy party! You could create the ambiance with pecker straws, pecker lollipops, shot glasses, nude male playing cards – you’ll find all these in our hens night party packs.

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